Dying Wye. Why?
You may have seen and heard about the bad conditions on our waterways, rivers, lakes, shores and coasts. Clean water is precious, both to us and wildlife, as Sir David Attenborough has stressed in his major wildlife conservation series on BBC 1, “Wild Isles”. Fixing it will be a massive challenge and costs will be high affecting what we will have to pay. But who is getting richer too? And how? It’s a scandal, involving what amounts to a crime, or rather a number of crimes. So, in addition to the massive media coverage and long-term news campaigns, we offer a film “POODUNNIT?” Different from the inevitable foul examples in what were pristine rivers “POODUNNIT?” tracks down the potential culprits with several Sherlock Holmes logos (+ farts!) in an hour-long hunt for the criminals on one of Britain’s most favourite rivers – the Wye, which flows between England and Wales – 155 miles. The journey follows the threatened Wye, through one year, from source to sea, using that ace fisherman the heron, and the handsome wild duck the mallard, as our guides, revealing whodunit? along the course of the dying Wye. This is a wildlife detective story, very watchable, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but with a serious intention, plus outstanding wildlife film production values with BBC Natural History Unit experience. Watch it. Become a Sherlock Holmes and find out! “POODUNNIT?” Whodunnit? Is doing it?