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This ambitious project of 3×25-minute films on YouTube and Vimeo, plus a book, is another attempt to draw attention to the challenges we all face; especially involving biodiversity.

There will be winners and losers, and, in the shadow of Covid-19, it’s understandable that viewers and readers may be suffering from fatigue about the fate of the planet – and us.

Since autumn 2020 there have been at least four new authoritative books with such titles as “Hope in Hell”, “Who Cares Wins”, “There is No Plan B”, and David Attenborough’s best-seller “A Life on Our Planet – my Witness Statement and Vision for the Future”.

So, is there room, and reason, for more in 2021? Well there is. “Planet Crunch” is very different, and is presented in a very popular illustrative style and is right up-to-date. The 150-page book is based on how the media have lifted the natural world to the front-page headlines.

Contents of my Planet Crunch book, across 19 chapters, include David Attenborough; Greta Thunberg; biodiversity; shopping; forests; farming; fishing; food; consumption; waste/plastics/recycling; energy/oil; climate change; Covid-19; water; the media; money/fashion; Trump/Biden; aviation/travel/tourism; human population; China; nature and us.Described as unique, political, challenging, cheeky, provocative, significant, educational, very personal, even rude! Certainly different to those other, more conventional films and books.

The project has been made possible by funds left to me, and was offered FREE to all those interested. You can still read the e-book version– FREE here.

Donations to charity will be welcomed. If you would like to contribute something – say £10to my preferred local charity, the Avon Wildlife Trust, based close to where I live, near Bristol, or to a charity of your choice, please do so. These days many charities need income to help continue projects around the world. And do please pass on this offer to friends and contacts, those who are concerned about the future at this time of “Planet Crunch”.