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Our new British Package offers unique view of Britain featuring Best Beaches for British Nature. Right around Britain in one year with a seabird’s eye view … revealing the most beautiful, wildest beaches with the most exciting wildlife to be found there.
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See how this ambitious journey was filmed, with versatile cameraman Ross Birnie, who shows you where and when and especially how…
The Making of Best Beaches for British Nature

A series of 80+ films looking at how to turn losers into winners.
Coordinators: Richard Brock | Gareth Trezise
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We report on the big “Green Oscars” event recently held in Bristol – the winners (and losers) revealing the winner of the prestigious Golden Panda. A record, over 900 delegates attended and in my film we hear from several of them, from “green zero” beginners to some of the most experienced and successful filmmakers from around the world. Also included in this brand new film leading into 2019 is a look at projects for my series “Wildlife Winners and Losers”, now reaching 100 films of various lengths, including a season of British Subjects with “Best Beaches for British Nature”, a year right around Britain’s coastline from a seabird’s point of view. And the winner is?….

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February 2019
RB comments:
What a crazy world we live in!

“Karl Lagerfeld … from an extravagant self-preening industry costing its gullible customers huge amounts of money, and the lives of many fur-bearing animals, to be worn by stupid people. Such is his epitaph at the end of the grotesque London fashion week. His death was front page news on several national newspapers, including the Times (20/2/19) “Lagerfeld’s pampered cat to get paws on £150m fortune”. Choupette has a personal maid, travels by private jet, has her own book, an Instagram account, a Wikipedia page and a product line of her likeness. In 2013 Lagerfeld proclaimed he would marry the cat if it was legal. What a crazy world we live in! And one that needs saving. Soon.”
Richard Brock February 2019

December 2018
Two quotes:
1.  Sir David Attenborough at a speech at the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland in December 2018:
“The collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”
2.  From the Sunday Times reader Mark Moore, also in December 2018:
“Sorry David Attenborough Dynasties (BBC1) is spectacular and spectacularly worthy, but I’m suffering from Nature Documentary Fatigue Syndrome.  I can’t tell your Dynasties from Life in the Freezer from Blue Planet from Blue Planet 94.  It’s time for you to call it a day”.
RB comment:
So, for 2019, go to “Wildlife Winners and Losers”.  Nearly 100 free  films to help save the planet – on YouTube, Vimeo, www.brockinitiative.orgYou can make a difference and share the message and the facts.  Here’s how.  There is still time.

Coordinator: Venetia Hargreaves-Allen
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Coordinators: Erin Moore | Ben Please
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Madagascar – Lake Alaotra community
Coordinator: Anna Gray



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