The Making of the Brock Initiative

Richard decided to set up the Brock Initiative, to use his archive of footage, and to ask others to do the same, to create new programmes, not made for a general TV audience, but made for those who are really connected to the situation in hand: local communities, decision makers, even that one fisherman who uses dynamite fishing over that one coral reef. Its about reaching those who have a direct impact; reaching those who can make the difference.

“Showing the truth on some minority channel is not the answer. Showing it where it counts, is.”

It does not have to be expensive either. In fact it can be very cheap. These are not programs for broadcast to western audiences demanding BIG productions – you are often showing films to people who have never even seen TV. The effort comes in showing the right thing, to the right people, in the right way, and not about expensive effects, top quality cameras or cutting edge effects.

Using donated archive footage cuts costs dramatically. New footage, important for putting a film in a local context, can be taken on small  cameras and editing can be done on any home computer. In this way, it becomes feasible to put together a film even for a very small, but crucial audience.


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