Wild Thames – Wild London: the famous river that you don’t know! is a fascinating new film packed full of revealing insights into the bird life of the Thames and how wildlife and man share this famous river.

The film exposes a whole new side to the river, taking you on a captivating journey from the upper tidal-reaches of the Thames, right through the heart of London and on to the wild Essex Marshes.

You will discover the fascinating birds that live here, such as great crested grebes, swans, herons, and coots. We also meet many of the other wild inhabitants including foxes, water voles and eels, plus a surprising number of foreigners! Did you know there are parakeets from India, Chinese crabs, Canada Geese and exotic mandarin ducks living on the Thames? And what about seals, dolphins, otters and the famous salmon.

“This film really is an eye-opener and a unique record of life on the Thames. The film shows just how adaptable nature is and how man and wildlife can live alongside each other. It also examines the state of the Thames and raises a number of important questions; how clean is the river? What impact will sea-level rises have upon London and its wildlife?” asks Richard Brock.

Wild Thames – Wild London: the famous river that you don’t know!
Living Planet Productions
Produced, directed and filmed by Richard Brock
Duration: 80 mins

By buying a copy of this film you will be doing your bit for conservation, as proceeds will go towards wildlife projects on the Thames, and also towards Richard Brock’s conservation organisation, the Brock Initiative.

DVD: £15   |   VHS: £14

If you would like to order your copy, please send your name and address, along with a cheque made payable to “Richard Brock”, to: The Brock Initiative, 54 Ferry Street, Island Gardens, London E14 3DT
Or for more information email us at RB@brockinitiative.org or phone us on 020 77198336