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Freshly Squeezed Giraffe – Part 1 Safari to the Lake

What squeezes a giraffe? In this case and place, greenhouses do. From Hell's Gate to Lake Naivasha in Kenya, a large mixed migration takes...

Fur and Stupid People – The Downs and Ups of The Arctic Fox

It looks better on an Arctic Fox than on a model. That little white animal needs its beautiful fur to survive the killing conditions...

Can We Save The Red? 

Can We Save The Red? - How people are helping red squirrels to beat the introduced grey - the latest.

Are Whales Winning?

Are Whales Winning? Our attitude to whales and dolphins is confused. We love them in their home, the sea. We (some) love them in...

Freshly Squeezed Giraffe PROMO

Freshly Squeezed Giraffe - PROMO - Lake Naivasha and the flower trade in Kenya.  

Turkey’s Treasures – Film 2 – BADEM – The Amazing Monk Seal

Turkey's Treasures - Film 2 - BADEM - The Amazing Monk Seal With a local guide Zafer we reveal rare monk seals, fishing conservation and...

Missing Lynx – The Algarve Tiger – PROMO

Can the world's rarest cat be rescued from the threats of Wimbledon strawberries, golf and rabbits?  

Looking for lions – A Namibian Nightmare PROMO

Looking for lions - A Namibian Nightmare - when a train safari went disastrously wrong. How lion safaris vary between the good, the bad...
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