Vultures – Cleaners from the Skies PROMO 

PROMO - Vultures - Cleaners from the Skies

Fulmar – The Flying Dustbin – UPDATE

The fulmar is a beautiful seabird that spans the globe. Its numbers have changed with its fortunes, and now a new threat of plastic...

Vultures – Cleaners from the Skies Part 1

PART ONE - Vultures - Cleaners from the Skies

The Egret Has Landed – PROMO

Little, cattle and great egrets - these beautiful herons are invading the UK. How do they do it?

Zino’s Petrel – A Seabird back from the brink?

In the night, in the high mountains of the Atlantic island of Madeira, there were weird sounds to be heard…So said the shepherds…”the suffering...

School in the Bush – The Wonderful World of Weaver Birds

How to reach children with a film show about wildlife, cattle and water. To them, fascinating and important in the future.

Meet the Nutters PROMO

No, its not "The Fockers" the notorious US comedy TV series, but meet "The Nutters"! Over one year enjoy the antics around a nut...

‪Kenya’s Birds of Prey‬

Kenya's Birds of Prey (44') Kenya is one of the most biodiverse countries in Africa. That brings with it an impressive range of birds of...

Shelduck Secrets

Shelduck Secrets - From the hidden creeks of deepest Cornwall we delve into the private life of this handsome species. The quest takes in...

Crowned Eagle – The “King of the Forest”

Crowned Eagle - The "King of the Forest" - can grab monkeys and antelopes. But only if they are there - and that's only...
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