Wildlife filmmaker Richard Brock says:

There is still time to save the planet. My Wildlife Winners and Losers series is my contribution. Now it’s your turn. Watch these free films. Choose from 80+ films of different lengths to inspire you to take action.

They’re free to watch and share with as many people as possible. Use the series to give you ammunition to help save the planet.

Richard, founder of the Brock Initiative, explains –

We’ve been celebrating nature by bringing its wonders to the TV screen all over the world. Now that world is changing, faster and faster, and nature needs help. Films can do that, at a local level, be it with decision makers in the government or in the village.

Sir David Attenborough says –

“Richard’s interest in and concern for the natural world has resulted in the formation of the Brock Initiative. He and his team intend to reach people locally in order to make a difference on the ground. I wish him every success.”