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Ben Please

Production Process
The Films




Ben travelled to Iringa three times as part of this project. First, over a period of four days, to formulate the project, to film in the dry season and to plan for a second trip. The second trip was over two weeks and involved the bulk of the filming: interviews, songs and narration. A week was given to initiate the edit process there and to receive preliminary feedback. The final trip was after an extended stay in the UK, completing the edit, and was used to review the edit, review the different versions, and to make any resulting changes. With the final edit agreed upon, copies of the master tapes were left with FORS and the product was sent for manufacture in Nairobi at a special rate for conservation films before being shipped back to Iringa.

The process is ongoing however, with the evaluation of the success of the film, which will be on-going from early 2005, and with the production of future films that will enrich the body of material available to FORS. As more material comes into existence it is hoped that other organisations / outlets will come forward to use this resource. To this affect, FORS are currently holding meetings with the Ministry of Education.