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Ben Please

Production Process
The Films



One of the Brock Initiative's objectives was to work directly with local NGOs and the local community to co-produce films. This ensures that the films we make will be useful and will be used. So often people make films that are handed over freely but then are never used. To ask organisations to invest, not money, but time, logistical support and creative energy, we add so much value into the project. In this respect Friends of Ruaha Society (FORS) have been truly fantastic.

We chose them because they were genuinely excited by the project and saw the potential for a film to directly benefit the work they were doing. In return they willingly contributed their time, local logistical costs and facilities. They were involved in every stage of the film development; from initial conceptual discussions, to script writing, filming and then post production. FORS now have the final product and are even talking about additional ways in which the films could be useful. The FORS employees are trained in project evaluation and so we look forward to the feedback that will be gained as screenings the commence in 2005.

As production began, through combined interests with FORS in Iringa, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) also became involved in the project, providing and funding two exciting opportunities for us to film over the Great Ruaha River in both the wet and dry seasons. For this very significant contribution to the project, we are very grateful.