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    Tanzania - Aims    

Ben Please

Production Process
The Films



The Brock Initiative's primary aims were to:

1) Undertake a pilot project in Tanzania
2) Work in conjunction with a local NGO, ensuring the films' local relevance, active use and ability to assess results.
3) Receive film contributions from both professional and non-professional sources, and encourage others to see the value in it.
4) Promote the practical and cost effectiveness of using film as a conservation tool.
5) Encourage and facilitate similar projects to be undertaken by others in the future.
6) To produce a film that would have real practical value as a conservation tool.

FORS' primary aims for the film were four fold:

1) Reduce water wastage in these local communities.
2) Educate the local community about the major problems surrounding the Great Ruaha River.
3) Increase the impact of their environmental education.
4) Using practical examples, to inspire children and the local community to actively care and take responsibility for their local environment and water resources.

The Tanzanian Ministry & Institute of Education's broader aims were to:

1) Enrich the diversity of teaching methods and resources used by teachers.
2) Encourage teaching of the new environmental syllabus in primary schools