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    Sarah Matthews  

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Graduating from a Media Arts degree I worked in Public Relations before working and travelling abroad spending much of my time in Asia. I worked on a variety of wildlife sanctuaries and projects, the most profound being with the Orangutans of Borneo.
I have always had a strong love of nature, animals and people and wanted to combine my degree with my passion and determination to try and make a difference.
I began working with Brock Initiative scheme last year assisting Richard with his UK project ‘The Egret Has Landed’. I then went onto initiate my own project in Indonesia returning from a vacation in Bali February 2004.
I spent the next few months researching the ideas and feasibility of the project returning to Bali for the month of June. The month was dedicated to many meetings finding out what is really needed from the people that know the best, the locals, NGOS and other organisations We discussed film ideas, the audience and the uses of such films. I also filmed as much as I could whilst there. The trip was a great success and I am now in the process of developing 5 – 10 different film ideas covering issues concerning cyanide/dynamite fishing, reef restoration, turtles, land rehabilitation, deforestation, waste and health problems. Based in Bali my goal is to produce films in Indonesian so that it can be accessible to the whole of Indonesia.
The project is titled ‘Waktunya untuk beru’ which means Time for Change.