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Richard Brock,
Founder of the Brock Initiative

"This is an update on progress so far and looking forward into 2012, probably a crucial year for the planet. Can the media make a difference? I believe it can because of its' diversity and its' reach to every person in every corner of our battered world. We do our best."

Are we going green? Really?

Guardian 14/9/11

Guardian 15/9/11

The Independent 03/11/11

John Lewis spent £6 million on a TV advert... "it presumes to to be about giving and recieving, whereas it's really about something else: buying"

It's really good when a big company says it's green and it is. But it's really sad when a big company says it's green and it's not. Just look at BP. And Waitrose = John Lewis.





The bigger you are, the bigger you fall.

Above from the Guardian Weekly 28/10/11
See Full Article Here: Guardian 21/10/11

The Daily Telegraph 11/11/11 (Download Transcript)
Online version Here: Telegraph 10/11/11

The Daily Telegraph 13/10/11
Online version Here: Telegraph 12/10/11

The Independent 9/10/11
Online version Here: Independent 09/10/11

Cue Miss Gillard, Australian Prime Minister, and her 'Special Friend'

The Daily Telegraph 4/11/11

See also: Telegraph 16/11/11

But there are still a few problems out there...