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    Indonesia - Proposed films    

Sarah Matthews

Project Background

Proposed films



• LES.
A film made with ex cyanide/dynamite fisherman to spread their message of why not to used destructive fishing methods and why it there is greater income in reef protection.

• Tide of Change for the turtle?
Working with the high priests of Bali using religion and tradition to help save these sacred creatures.

• Pemuteran. ‘turnaround’.
A documentary covering the magnitude of change in this small village to be set as an example to others of environmental protection efforts successfully achieved.

• Vetiver.
The promotion of this miracle grass throughout Asia to help alleviate mal nutrition, soil erosion plus the enormity of Vetiver’s many other fantastic qualities

• Profauna.
Turtle Power, a heroic animated turtle that has everyday adventures for reef to forest that is educational, informative, and fun covering a range of environmental issues.

• Earth Advocates.
An campaign aid showing evidence that trade of turtle is still rife in Bali. The whereabouts of slaughter houses and the trade in illegal artefacts.

• Tourism.
Promoting resorts that have successfully developed environmental programmes through turtle hatcheries to others. Educating locals and tourist alike.

• IDEP. Short films from hygiene/ health to waste management highlighting the great important in prevention of reoccurring diseases.

• Airlines. A compulsory (positive) five minute film aimed at tourists entering a country advising on problems of the country in question and how to aid not contribute. Plastic bottle waste.

I believe these films can make a difference, a difference that is needed today rather than tomorrow. Time is running out rapidly.