Fulmar – The Flying Dustbin – UPDATE

The fulmar is a beautiful seabird that spans the globe. Its numbers have changed with its fortunes, and now a new threat of plastic...

Galapagos NOW Part 3

Part 3 - Galapagos NOW - The then, now and next? of this very famous group of islands which inspired Darwin to his theory...

Turkey’s Treasures – Film 4 – Turkey’s Turtles In Trouble

Turkey's Treasures - Film 4 - Turkey's Turtles In Trouble With a local guide Zafer we reveal rare monk seals, fishing conservation and local life.

Kenya’s Birds of Prey PROMO – Shorter Version

Kenya is one of the most biodiverse countries in Africa. That brings with it an impressive range of birds of prey from the pygmy...

Is Dubai Doomed? PROMO

Is Dubai Doomed? - PROMO - A hard look at a profligate ecosystem that may collapse when its famous man-made islands drown as the...

School in the Bush – The Wonderful World of Weaver Birds

How to reach children with a film show about wildlife, cattle and water. To them, fascinating and important in the future.

Vultures – Cleaners from the Skies Part 2

PART TWO - Vultures - Cleaners from the Skies

Don’t Cry Wolf You May Be Winning PROMO

Don't Cry Wolf You May Be Winning - Wolves across Europe. From Portugal to Russia we see how wolves are winning - often despite...

Majorca’s Shark – The TRUTH

When a shark turned up amongst tourists in Majorca this summer, the tabloid press went wild - front pages on The Daily Mirror and...
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