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    Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo - Films    

Debra Bardowicks


The Films




Before starting filming I went to visit 10 schools in the area around Lake Bogoria to show the children some of the films made at Lake Naivasha and get their feedback on which they liked. All the films were very popular but they especially enjoyed those which featured other schoolchildren, preferably singing. Even after having seen the videos only once they could sing the song and I even heard them singing it in the village two weeks later. This is why I decided to ask several of the schools to write songs about Lake Bogoria and environmental conservation. We discussed the ideas in more depth with the Wildlife club members and teachers and the schools came up with some great songs, some of which i will now incorporate into the videos.

At Lake Baringo I met Murray Roberts and Elizabeth Meyerhoff who have been working on environmental rehabilitation of the degraded lands for 23 years and have founded the Rehabilitation of Arid Environments Trust. As they do great work I decided to make a film in collaboration with them, which I finished in time to show at a very sucessfull Community Film show which we organised. During the 6 weeks I spent in Kenya I showed the Brock Initiative films to more than 2500 schoolkids and community members.

I am now working on several more films, focusing on alternative ways of generating income in dryland environments, rather than keeping goats, as well as the conservation of swamps and acacias.